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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


there will be "bundestagswahl" next month and i just made my X for the letter-voting.

if you are not sure about what is going to happen there, go and ask your virtual assistance!

blue screen

guess which operating-system is used by the DB.

33 years is a "schnapszahl"

i went to berlin yesterday to visit my brother, who had birthday that day. he is now 33 years old. if you have an age which consists of the same numbers, we say its a "schnapszahl" (wich can be translated to schnaps-number ;-) ). it took me only about 2 hours to get there, the latest generation of ICE is very fast.
we (my mom, my bro and his girlfriend) had nice dinner at an italian restaurant, since a street-musician arrived..., that was the worst flute play i ever heard!

Monday, August 29, 2005

political correctness in altona

(a combination of garbage-stickers and election-ads)

happy birthday to me

i celebrated my 25th birthday on saturday. most of my family came to visit me in altona.
we had a lot of champaign and beer before we went to the harbour and make a trip on the river "elbe". there we could see a air-plain-show that took place at the airbus facility. that day the new airbus A380 flew some tight circuits above the facility -this thing really is giantic- and thousands came to see it.
after that we had some wuffles and then took lunch at "sautiris", my favourite greec restaurant in hamburg ottensen.

Friday, August 26, 2005

i feel green

terror-cell hamburg altona

i knew it! we are the next target! duck down and preapare for these guys to blow up your skyscraper/airplain/train station/subway/bus

Thursday, August 25, 2005

what are u doin on a rainy day OR senseless in seatle

me is trying to stay lucky by doing totaly stupid stuff.

u talking google?

i just joined the elaborate google-club and now have a google-mail account (in germany its google-mail, not gmail) and also just installed google-talk. so if u want to talk googlisch, search for !

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

k7 eckernförde

this weekend me and my girlfriend visited my sister and her boyfriend in ecktown aka eckernförde. we had some nice steak and sausages from the grill and a little bit to drink.

after finishing the last parts of meat, we went to the center of town to have some fun taking a ride on a ferris wheel and a ghost train. these were set up at the harbour because of the "piraten-tage" in ecktown.
at 12 pm we directed ourselfes to the k7-discotheque where we stayed till my lights went out...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

training day

this morning i did a training on a group of 10 people of the regiocast corporation. i showed them the progress of the intranet-applications, i am currently developing for them. it was not that bad, even though we arrived too late and i was soooo tired, because the garbage guys woke me at 6 am...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

gigabyte notebook

i just fetched a package from my packstation, wich contained a fresh pack of 512MB ddr2 bricks of ram. i put them into my schleptop and its running much better now. it is an upgrade from 512 to 1024 mb, which was needed badly, cause the laptop has to handle lots of server processes...
why didnt i take some pictures of my opened dell? is it because i'm stupid? probably!

Monday, August 15, 2005

wireless internet in the house, baby

what can i say further about that?!
i am surfing with my wireless connection on my laptop right now!
even if the configuration of WPA and stuff turns out to be a brain eating shithole thing, it works fine now!
special thank to mr. buchholz who supports our low budget with these tiny helpers like router and wlan hotspot!

this is him, helping us, when we moved into our shared appartement:


my girlfried always moans about that i should get me a new haircut. she says the new one shall be "hippo-stylo" which means something like hip and stylish.
on saturday i had to go to the barber, cause the hair on my head already looked like some sheepish furr. i decided that it was time to do something that would surprise my girlfriend and so i told the hairdresser-woman, that i want a "hippo-stylo-haircut". she wondered about what that might be and we came to the conclusion, that we should keep the old haircut, but add some wisps of blond and black hair, wich looked like this:

my girlfriend was very pleased about the improvement of my hair.
fyi, she looks like this:

Friday, August 12, 2005

restaurant hopping

last evening i went out with the 3 guys u can see on the fotos in the last post. we wanted to get something to eat and a cupple of bears, so we started out for the "einstein". but the guys were not confident with the food there, because most was meet and 2 of them are vegitarians and we left. in the second restaurant, wich was a noble italian one, we thought it was to pricy. not the food, but the beer! we packted our jackets and left a second time.
we sticked to the german slogan "aller guten dinge sind drei" (somewhat like the 3. is the best) and went to a sportsbar at the holstein-stadium where the kieler soccer-team is located.
-cheap beer, hot food and sport tv-

Thursday, August 11, 2005

mensa food, at last

its thursday, and i got up early to jump on a train to kiel (even though my back still hurts) in order to visit wquadrat, my current employer. i wanted to meet with dirk, my boss, to discuss the progress of the work, i 've been doing for them.
alas dirk is ill, so there is no meeting :-/
but i had some nice time meeting my brother and some of his former collegues of the university of kiel. we went to the mensa and had lunch (pizza for me).
carsten my older brother (left), christos a guy from greece (right), mensa I (background)

ulli professor at a university ive forgotten the name of (left) and his daughter (right) "hacksteak" and "goulaschsuppe" (front)

there was also a other girl, i tried to take a picture of, but my motorola broke down taking it...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

today is package day

its more like christmas, i have received 4 packages and a letter jet. perhaps this day will bring me more!

  1. memory-stick (see post below)
  2. visa card (see post below)
  3. dvb-t usb device for my schleptop
  4. 5 c't s bundled as a packet, wich have missed my new address when i moved
  5. a book, that i checked in at the post-office yesterday (see post below), they thought that the return address was the target address...

new stuff to play around

i like this day even though my virus scanner put on some alarm and my back is aching like hell.
the reason i am confident with this tuesday is because of the 2 new gimmics i can now call my own:
  1. a brand new memory-stick
  2. a visa card
i ordered the stick at amazon store on sunday, man amazon is fast! i just fetched it from my packstation:

and finally i can bye songs on the apple music store with my new silvery-glistening visa card, wich i got from the sparkasse.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

my favourite DHL feature

i just went to the mail-station to check in a package that i saled to some stupid guy at amazon marketplace, that wants to learn c++ from a 5 year old book of mine...
on my way out i had the luck to see this DHL-guy fill the packstation. the packstation is the most recent feature that DHL added to its services. you can create an account at DHL and let send all your packages to this station, so that you can fetch them from there any time you want. its nice and clean and you dont have to rely on stupid package-carries like UPS employes (these fuckers come to you 3 days in a row at exactly the same time, nevermind u might not be there, like the last day at that hour...).
where was i? oh, i saw that guy filling the station, which was less exciting than i thought. nevermind i took a picture of it (i made a better one, but my fucking motorola killed itself while saving it...).

BHW in the house

today mark and me welcomed a guy from BHW who wanted to tell me about my loan contract.
its awfull to see those people beeing kind to you even if they have to sit in your kitchen witch is not cleaned up at all and the wast basket is just beneth their chair. its all for the money...

Monday, August 08, 2005

up and running

its not fun reinstalling a computer especially when u are concerned in its security.
follow these instructions and you might survive the young life of your clean system:
  • format harddrive to be sure all old viruses are killed
  • unplugg all connected internet-cables
  • install windows from your recovery cd
  • install all needed drivery
  • install SP2 from CD, if you dont have it on CD get it from a frend or your next dealer, but make sure you get it installed before connecting to the net!
  • install anti-virus software (my recommondation: antivir)
  • install anti-spyware software (my recommondation: spybot)
  • connect your network/internet devicec
  • visit the MS-update site and install ALL security patches
  • update anti-visus/-spyware software
this should help you through the rough start...

i have a nice link for you, where you can find a lot of information about software hijacking your system.

fucking virus

i just repaired my desktop pc using windows repair mechanism when my virus-scanner started popping up and telling me, that a backdoor trojan virus has infected my system.
"did the removing of SP2 automatically install viruses?" was my first thought. i never had any problems with viruses before and i check for the running processes randomly to be sure nothing strange happens. so i am very sure that i DIDNT have any virus compromitting my system the before the repairing with windows-cd. but whatever!
so at the moment i am rescuing whatever i can get from the system, that is not infected by mr. pokapoka62.exe. the trojaner-board recomondations to that virus are:
-format your harddrive
-reinstall system

SOWHAT, that is not the fucking information i want! fucking viruses... i hate u

so since now i am using a new virus scanner.

keep your hands off this product, it sucks!

welcome to uschis blogg

i welcome u on my blogg-site.
hopefully i will have the time to post some comments each day including stupid photos and other senseless stuff!

look forward to it!