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Thursday, August 11, 2005

mensa food, at last

its thursday, and i got up early to jump on a train to kiel (even though my back still hurts) in order to visit wquadrat, my current employer. i wanted to meet with dirk, my boss, to discuss the progress of the work, i 've been doing for them.
alas dirk is ill, so there is no meeting :-/
but i had some nice time meeting my brother and some of his former collegues of the university of kiel. we went to the mensa and had lunch (pizza for me).
carsten my older brother (left), christos a guy from greece (right), mensa I (background)

ulli professor at a university ive forgotten the name of (left) and his daughter (right) "hacksteak" and "goulaschsuppe" (front)

there was also a other girl, i tried to take a picture of, but my motorola broke down taking it...


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