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Monday, August 08, 2005

up and running

its not fun reinstalling a computer especially when u are concerned in its security.
follow these instructions and you might survive the young life of your clean system:
  • format harddrive to be sure all old viruses are killed
  • unplugg all connected internet-cables
  • install windows from your recovery cd
  • install all needed drivery
  • install SP2 from CD, if you dont have it on CD get it from a frend or your next dealer, but make sure you get it installed before connecting to the net!
  • install anti-virus software (my recommondation: antivir)
  • install anti-spyware software (my recommondation: spybot)
  • connect your network/internet devicec
  • visit the MS-update site and install ALL security patches
  • update anti-visus/-spyware software
this should help you through the rough start...

i have a nice link for you, where you can find a lot of information about software hijacking your system.


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