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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

my favourite DHL feature

i just went to the mail-station to check in a package that i saled to some stupid guy at amazon marketplace, that wants to learn c++ from a 5 year old book of mine...
on my way out i had the luck to see this DHL-guy fill the packstation. the packstation is the most recent feature that DHL added to its services. you can create an account at DHL and let send all your packages to this station, so that you can fetch them from there any time you want. its nice and clean and you dont have to rely on stupid package-carries like UPS employes (these fuckers come to you 3 days in a row at exactly the same time, nevermind u might not be there, like the last day at that hour...).
where was i? oh, i saw that guy filling the station, which was less exciting than i thought. nevermind i took a picture of it (i made a better one, but my fucking motorola killed itself while saving it...).


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