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Monday, August 14, 2006

damn drunk bitches

NO, i am NOT an alcoholic! oh boy... i left some beer in the ashtray!

Monday, August 07, 2006

what the fuck... what happend in the mean time?!

i just woke up from a coma, i had the last weeks. so here is what might have happend to me during this time...

looks like the "lounge" and marks head
looks like some sweet girl i met last week
looks like someone has too much time and/or shoes
looks like beer
looks like nature
looks like some old drunk bastard! hm, might be my uncle
looks like good old german nazi-balkony
looks like loud music in the subway

looks like boring football-championchip-match
looks like my family!

looks like there might be a jägermeister bottle is flying between the trees!!!

looks like public viewing

looks like "freedom of the seas"
looks like the "lounge" at daytime
looks like some damn big phallus
looks like there is some mirror at the wrong place

looks like "attack of the killer tomatos"
looks like michelle

does this make sense to you? no? me neither!