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Monday, October 31, 2005

new fascinating xtreme sport!

it was very fine weather on saturday so my brother and i decided to take a drive on his scooter. poorly, its not working anymore. so we wanted to get it fixed by someone. we asked an other scooter-driver and he told us that there is some garage at the other side of the town that can handle it. after arriving there, the fucked up guy in the garage told us, that his mechanist is on vacation for a month and that he is not going to do anything about the scooter anyway. fucking bastard!
we pushed that scooter around the city for at least 4 hours. sweat dropping from our heads, people looking awkwardly when we passed by.
so, next weekend try it yourself! best workout you ever had! scooter-pushing is an upcoming sport for young people!

my sister is a official now

its time for my sister to get pregnant soon, because she got a live-sentence official...
but we celebrate everything!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

hh tour

i had some nice vacation in my hometown with my girlfriend and my mother. take a look at the pictures:

breakfast at my mothers hotel:
visiting some cultural parts like the patio of the city hall:
taking a rinde on a sightseeing double decker bus (hummelbahn):
nice lunch at "captains dinner", which is a fish-restaurant on a ponton-bridge in the harbour called "landungsbrücken":
look at this nice sundown:
harbour, elbe, landungsbrücken, my mother:

ladybug invasion

oh my god, they are coming! i had some 20 ladybugs on my terrasse today. i think they were confused because of the warm air that is currently over hamburg-city. so they decided to wake up and buzz around there.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

sex sells

i am going to sell my fucked up motorola v620 at ebay and thought that the old slogan "sex sells" should leed my marketing efforts. see the item yourself.


i LOVE vacation! i went for a visit at the tivoli with my mom and my girlfriend and we watched cavemusik. lot of fun, but check it out yourself.

Friday, October 14, 2005

latest project done

i just finished work on my least web-project. it is a site about me and my projects and programming-skills. the idea to this site came to my mind when i put the post about my project-history. i think i made this site up in record-time, so go and check it out:

i hope that the domain will come to my posessions soon, so that i can link it with this project.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

mailNotifier beta 1

i just finished work on the beta version of a mail-tool. it is targeted on gmx-pop-mailboxes and winows-OS. it works on java, so it can easily be transformed to other OS. right now there is only basic functionallity for reading messages. in the next versions it will also implement actions for deleting mails or moving them into other folders.

stay tuned...

you can download the mailNotifier here.

sloganize yourself

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

bunny hopp

last weekend we celebrated the 20th birthday of my girlfriend in schwarmstedt (this is near to hannover). we had some nice food and lots of alcohol. my favourite drinks this evening were schlammbowle and bacardi RAZZ which is a mix with raspberries.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

russian accent

its fun listening to 'wladimir kaminer' with his russian accent. give this audio book a try.

WORD, if you suck, please suck fast! [update]

if you want to keep on writing your document without using the mouse all the time, use some of these shortcuts!

i found some other nice cheats on, check it out!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

wondering about my project-history

this is a personality-test, which is used by big companies like at job-interviews. i wrote an algorithm to check it out (just fun ;-) ).

this is my one and only flash-game. action-script is NO fun!

this site was a result on a semestre-projekt about search-engine-optimization, that was made by me and mark buchholz. this tool uses the google-api to get information about a specific site and its google-rankings.

i created this site while i was living in this student-rooming-house in flensburg during my studies there. most parts of the site are editable through a cms. it also contains a user-forum that i programmed myself.

the kindermagie-site is the oldest site that i made. it has gone through 3 redesigns jet. most parts of the site are editable through a cms.

i created this site to have a common base for me and my close friends at the fh-flensburg. most parts of the site are editable by different users through a cms.

you can get some information about my swat clan on this site. it is totally editable through the file-crosshairs-tool.

i made this site as a present for the 64th aniversary of my father.

this is a cms-tool that i wrote for my clan site. it handles the contents of the page through a file-system relation with paths and files. the content is stored in plain-text-files which can be formated with custom-tags.

this is my least projekt, that i created for the 20th birthday of my girlfriend. it is not IE compatible so use firefox.

i made this site for the building company clemens-sell, which poorly is bancrupt now...