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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

wondering about my project-history

this is a personality-test, which is used by big companies like at job-interviews. i wrote an algorithm to check it out (just fun ;-) ).

this is my one and only flash-game. action-script is NO fun!

this site was a result on a semestre-projekt about search-engine-optimization, that was made by me and mark buchholz. this tool uses the google-api to get information about a specific site and its google-rankings.

i created this site while i was living in this student-rooming-house in flensburg during my studies there. most parts of the site are editable through a cms. it also contains a user-forum that i programmed myself.

the kindermagie-site is the oldest site that i made. it has gone through 3 redesigns jet. most parts of the site are editable through a cms.

i created this site to have a common base for me and my close friends at the fh-flensburg. most parts of the site are editable by different users through a cms.

you can get some information about my swat clan on this site. it is totally editable through the file-crosshairs-tool.

i made this site as a present for the 64th aniversary of my father.

this is a cms-tool that i wrote for my clan site. it handles the contents of the page through a file-system relation with paths and files. the content is stored in plain-text-files which can be formated with custom-tags.

this is my least projekt, that i created for the 20th birthday of my girlfriend. it is not IE compatible so use firefox.

i made this site for the building company clemens-sell, which poorly is bancrupt now...


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da denkt man, man engt den spam ein indem man nur n paar leude comments posten lässt und schon bomben die ein mit kagg zu. Wers walter?
Ach alles nutten außer muddi

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