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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

otto calling [4. UPDATE]

i am recently on searching for some work, cause my contract with wquadrat is ending at the end of september. so i decided to send an application to the otto-company , and i am now invited to an interview there at the end of august. it will be actually the 4th interview there, the first one which is not for a trainee. the position i am goin for is described here.
i am goin to enter the application process at otto on 2. septembre 15:00.
i am goin for an review for that position on septembre 20th at 15:30, so keep thumbs up
i finished the 2. interview, but nothing new yet
F*** u otto! these bitches took someone else, because i had too less experience!
you assholes can put your arm up your ass, or your face, that doesnt matter, they look the same


Blogger mongocity said...

Tja pitti mit extra brocken,
da drück ich dir latürnich die Daumen wund. Damit aus dir ein otto-pitti wird. nich zu verwächslen mit orthopäddi. dat is inke altermann.:)

4:25 AM  

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