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Monday, September 05, 2005

misslich vs. backstreet

last weekend i visited my girlfriend in schwarmstedt (if you dont know where the f*** this is, go here). she has a little sister whom we gave an alcoholic present for her confirmation. we gave her a voucher which included, that we would take her for the "backstreet" in hannover and drink some cocktails with her (fyi, she is 13 years old and i use to call her "misslich"). so this was a big deal for her as a present and last weekend we finally went there. she brought a girlfriend along, so that she didnt have to hang out all alone with us old folks.
after her 3. glas, she was drunk and we had a good lough about her. i am very very sad, that my FUCKED UP motorola went out of order because of low batterie... !i hate that bastard! i couldnt take any picture of this event. you would have loved them!


Blogger mongocity said...

ihr geht ja in löcher... das backstreet. kellerkind sach ich nur.... ach ja is ja lles english here also... ehem... basementkids, I only say....höhö.....I mean ... hoehoe!!
Next time yall better pick a better bar or at least take me with you. Chuuch, fo shizzle

8:24 AM  
Blogger phoet said...

i promise, next time i call u bitch up!

8:45 AM  

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