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Monday, February 20, 2006

schäufele - part II (the dinner)

tuesday is the appartment day of me and my room-mate. we started the evening with a light dinner and some delicious wine fatty potato salad and thick slices of schäufele in combination with two sixpacks of beer we bought at a truckstop...

(irg, looks like brain)

if you think this will not have a happy ending you are totally right! my only problem is, that i cant remember the ending...

after our low fat, low cal dinner we headed towards 'sternschanze' to meet with dirk, a friend of my roommate. we setteled ourselfes at barbarossi (i could not find a webpage :-/ ) and had a couple of drinks in one of the smoothest bars in hamburg.

(the light of my handycam is soooo damn flashy)


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