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Sunday, January 29, 2006

late night sushi

roman, a good friend of mine from kiel came bye on saturday. we had a couple of beers and decided, that we should go for some sushi. after a intensive research on the web we found out, that it is not possible to get a sushi delivery at 10 pm on weekends, only god knows why...
so we headed out towards 'sternschanze' where we found some sushi restaurants, which were literally closing when we arrived. after that hard breakdown we decided that some greek food would serve as well...

after the greek intermezzo it was time to have some laisure time on 'hamburger berg'. we had a fun time there including alcohol, music, girls and some ten turkish guys who thought it would be a great idea to piss us off...

happy end:
we had some sushi at bok restaurant on sunday for supper ;-)


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