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Saturday, January 14, 2006

christmas with the schröders

we had a nice family-christmas at the appartment of my brother in berlin. nearly the whole family came together to celebrate:
- mom and dad
- my sister with her boyfriend (he only stayed till one day before christmas)
- my brother and his girlfriend
- the father of my brothers girlfriend
- me (my girlfriend stayed with her family :-/ )

on christmas eve we cocked dinner for several hours and had a pleasant meal with around 10 courses (but we only made it to about 6, cause it was way too much to eat). let me remember what it was:

- potatoe-soup with shrimps
- steak
- 'endivien'-salad
- melon with bacon
- dates with bacon (grilled)
- antipasti (mixed, with lots of garlic)
- lever with apple
- apple-baigners
- filled-aubergine gratinate with cheese
- ...

there was more but i cant remember...

before we could cook we went to a nice market around the corner where we bought the stuff for dinner. if you go there you dont have to eat lunch afterwards, because you can test the stuff they sell there at every corner for free :-) so we were smelling like tzaziki already at lunchtime.

at one point we saw a dog, that looked freaky eaky, something like a dracula-dog-pig-ass, but see yourself:

(look at the teath! he only had them on the downside and they were sooo long!)

after dinner we headed for the church. my brother and me have a tradition, that we dont go to christmas church. instead we went out with a backpack and some beers in it and are going for a walk in the hope to find a pub that is open on christmas eve...
after half an hour we found a crumbled pub with four folks in it (including the bar tender), and so we joined them to have a beer and a sambuca with coffee-beans. it was really fun, cause such people are normaly really fucked up and so they were. they played a card game called chicago, wich my brother didnt understand for the 20 minutes we were there (and this guy is becoming an 'professor' degree?!).

after chruch we started to go for our presents, which is quite a confusing thing at our family...

i had some nice presents:

- plates and cups for my appartement (i only have this shady old stuff from my parents)
- a chrazy jumping rabbit (oldschool metal toy style, very funny) and some other small, funny things
- and the best of all: the old ford fiesta from my parents, jiiihaaaa

my brother had the same present for all of us, he invited us to the 'wintergarten' cabaret in berlin we went for the next evening:

it was a really funny mix from scetches to artistics with an italian presenter that was so funny that i nearly wet my pants...

the next day we had breakfast at the hotel of our parents. there we met an old friend of my parents with whome we went for 'ZOO' ('berlin zoologischer garten'). where we all had a nice time with fun in the sun:

(funny penguins)

(that is his tale, you are right)

(penguins again)

(is it a mamal???)

the last day it started to snow and we had about 10cm of snow, fantastic! in the evening we went out for some sushi, which was also fantastic... hmmmmmm sushi!


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